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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Corrupt archive

From: John A Meinel
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Corrupt archive
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 17:15:04 -0500
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Tom Cato Amundsen wrote:
I have a corrupt archive for gnu solfege.

When I try to checkout by running

tla get solfege--main--2.5

tla fails with this message:

* patching for revision:
* address@hidden/solfege--main--2.5--patch-28 \n PANIC:
* conflict applying patch in arch_build_revision

When I check the ,,-directory that is created I find 3 .rej files.
patch-28 clearly tries to make a change that already has been done by an
earlier revision.

The archive contains 35 revisions (patch-35 is the latest)

Any ideas what to do?

Any idea *why* your archive was corrupted? It sounds like someone's
pristine (or revlib) was out of date, and it wasn't caught by tla.
Or you deleted a revision from the archive, but didn't delete it from
either a pristine tree or the revlib (remember changing history is

The easiest way to workaround a problem like this is to branch from the
last good patch, and then replay any patches you want to keep.

In this case it would be:

tla tag -S address@hidden/solfege--main--2.5--patch-27 \
tla get address@hidden/solfege--main-2.5.0 solfege-new
cd solfege-new
tla replay address@hidden/solfege--main--2.5--patch-29
tla commit
tla replay ...-patch-30
tla commit
tla replay ...-patch-35
tla commit

You could bundle them all up, and only do 1 commit, but it depends on
what you were doing. Often it is good to have each changeset be
committed individually.


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