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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] tla-1.3.1/cygwin segfaults

From: John A Meinel
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] tla-1.3.1/cygwin segfaults
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 12:49:15 -0500
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Berni Joss wrote:
I use tla 1.2.1-dirnames on cygwin for a while now, and am really happy
with it, as it allowed working on the same project both from cygwin and
from debian.

Thanks for the bug report.
Unfortunately tla mainline 1.3.1 is known to have a few segfaults (some
of which I fixed as I found them).
Where did you get 1.3.1? Just trying to figure out which exact version
you are using. Unfortunately with the cygwin port, there have been many
different attempts. I will start with assuming that you got my version,
but it is probably more likely that you got Lode's.

After installing tla-1.3.1/cygwin I want to rebuild the history of my
project. For this I am trying to tla get from a remote mirror on a
debian host.
This appears to go well up to revision ...-patch-17 but I get a segmentation
fault when patching for the next revision, which contains a lot of
metadata changes to files and directories.

Most likely there is some meta-data that I failed to catch, and
hide/rename properly.

Honestly, though, I have stopped working on tla-1.3.1 for cygwin. I'm
the only one who seemed to actively use it, and I switched to working on
a version of baz instead. Specifically, you can go to:
I try and keep it up-to-date with the latest development version of baz
(I probably check about 1/week).
If you look at the attachments for that page, you can get older
versions, though generally the latest one is the best to get.

And I have a version of baz using the dos8.3 trick (it accesses files
using their short DOS8.3 name, rather than using =dirnames). The bundle
needs to be extracted and put into /usr/local/bin.

Unfortunately the dos8.3 versions are not compatible with my older
short-path versions or the dirname versions. (The baz-dos version *is*
compatible with the tla-dos versions)

To switch, you need to delete your working directories and revision
library, and start over. Yes, I know it is a pain, I went through the
same pain myself. But it is more stable, and more likely to be
maintained, because it is overall a less invasive change.

This is with a recent version of cygwin is version 1.5.18-1

The failing patch-18 has a lot of meta data changes to many files and
directories, including the {arch} directory .. could this be the source
of the crash?

Possibly I am doing this all wrong ... what is the recommended way to
migrate from tla-1.2.1-dirnames to tla-1.3.1 on cygwin?

It depends which version of 1.3.1 you are using. If it is Lode's latest
work, he got rid of =dirnames support, in favor of the dos version. I
ended up going the same route (favoring dos instead of short-path or

Switching from dirnames or shortpath to dos means that you have to
delete your old directories and revision library, and re-create them
(make sure you commit all of your changes first).

We probably could meet on IRC if you need more help than that.
( #arch)



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