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re: [Gnu-arch-users] help, now what?

From: Thomas Lord
Subject: re: [Gnu-arch-users] help, now what?
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 15:51:54 -0700

> I've been trying to wade through all these threads lately, comparing
> tla to other SCMS (git, darcs, monotone, mercurial, bazaar,
> bazaar-ng/ bazaar2/bzr, etc)

> I also spent some time playing with git. finally realized git simply
> can't do some of the things I've been relying on tla to do for me.
> the most important thing is being able to maintain separate
> branches, which cherry-pick changes from each other. it seems to me
> that isn't too strange of a thing to want to do. but it looks to me
> like it's simply not possible in git, monotone, or mercurial.

`git' flows from Linus' personal requirements and so branching and
cherry-picking are not high on the priority list.   There is enough
momentum (last I checked) in the group of people competing to hack
`git' and `git'-derivatives that I would guess that will eventually 
change.  (`revc' doesn't *contain* the solution you want there
as it stands but I laid down that foundation with such needs in 
mind.  It shouldn't be hard to build full and improved tla-style
merging on top of it.)

> so for now I plan to continue using tla just like I have been. it's
> not like the license is going to expire or anything. :)

And at your option, you may use any later version of the GPL :-)

> someday though, I may want to transition to something else. the only
> thing I can see which would even remotely qualify is bzr...  can I
> easily convert my tla archives into bzr to try it out? or do I have
> to first convert my tla archives to baz, then convert those to bzr?
> any pointers on how to do any of this?

I'll leave that one to others aside from commenting that I don't think
any of the currently actively developed efforts are going to converge
anytime soon on a good solution.  You might want to consider using ad
hoc solutions based on CVS in the manner of the GCC community.


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