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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] file system interface to a database

From: John Arbash Meinel
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] file system interface to a database
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 08:03:09 -0600
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Derek Zhou wrote:
> Andy Tai <address@hidden> writes:
>>The functionality mentioned here would be especially useful on Microsoft
>>Windows, where the current tla does not work well due to path name length
> I am probably trolling, however, does anyone actually use tla on
> windows (mingw or cygwin) on a day to day basis? I mean tla can almost be 
> regarded as
> windows hostile by design:
> * very long path name with wierd chars;
> * windows has no hard link, ie. no revlib
> * lots of small files that may trash FAT filesystem performance (not sure 
> about
> NTFS though)
> IMHO, we probably better off just ignore windows users altogether and
> focus on real POSIX systems. After all, we probably should cater to our main
> userbase first. 
> Derek

Yes, I did use tla on a day-to-day basis on Windows. I ended up using
the path compression version (using the dos8.3 hack) the most, but I
used the =dirnames version (or a modified one) for a while, and then I
used my own hack (where I used a regex to change c/c-b/c-b-v => c-b-v/
in the checkout, and filtered it back at commit time).

I ended up using baz with the dos8.3 path compression, simply because it
ended up being the fastest and easiest to use. One of the biggies was
having it automatically add a commit to the revision library, rather
than uploading it, and then downloading it again.

I probably still have my tla path compression available in
(It requires cygwin)

My baz changes are available in:
And binaries are available here:

On the other hand, I've switched to bazaar-ng for any new projects. So
I'm slowly phasing out my day-to-day usage.


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