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[GNU Crypto] problems when testing saslc & sasls

From: qfeng
Subject: [GNU Crypto] problems when testing saslc & sasls
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 08:45:47 -0600



After building the gnu-crypto by “ant jar”, I test the saslc & sasls by running “ant sasls” & “ant saslc”. The error messages are printed out in the client as follows. I’ve already run “ant check”, it printed out “0 of 3919 tests failed”.


The file I used is “gnu-crypto-20030923.tar.gz”.



    [saslc] SASL Test Client

    [saslc] Starting...

    [saslc] Client C0 starting...

    [saslc] [SaslConnection] ==> disconnect()

    [saslc] [SaslConnection] Chosen mechanism: srp

    [saslc] [SaslConnection] <== disconnect()

    [saslc] java.lang.NullPointerException

    [saslc]     at gnu.crypto.sasl.srp.SRPClient.sendIdentities(

    [saslc] Client C0 shutdown...

    [saslc]     at gnu.crypto.sasl.srp.SRPClient.evaluateChallenge(

    [saslc]     at gnu.crypto.tool.SaslConnection.connect(

    [saslc]     at

    [saslc]     at

    [saslc] Exiting...



thanks a lot for your answers!





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