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[GNU Crypto] Compiling with jikes

From: Doug
Subject: [GNU Crypto] Compiling with jikes
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 00:54:04 -0300
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Here are some changes I had to make to compile with jikes.

Changes to jessie-1.0.1:

    * In org.metastatic.jessie.provider.SynchronizedRandom changed "private
      final IRandom random;" to "private IRandom random;" since the
      constructor assigns to "this.random".
    * In gnu.crypto.prng.IRandom changed "Object clone();" to "public Object
      clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException;".
    * In org.metastatic.jessie.provider.SSLSocket changed "import
      gnu.crypto.auth.callback.DefaultCallbackHandler;" to "import

Changes to gnu-crypto-2.0.1:

    * In gnu.crypto.mac.TMMH16 added catch for CloneNotSupportedException. We
      probably want to do more than ignore the exception here.
    * In gnu.testlet.gnu.crypto.jce.TestOfMac added catch for


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