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Re: tooltip-help.el --- show help as tooltip

From: weber
Subject: Re: tooltip-help.el --- show help as tooltip
Date: 2 Mar 2007 08:22:53 -0800
User-agent: G2/1.0

It's a very good idea.

I'm trying it on Emacs 22 and it "almost works". There's seems to be a
problem when the tooltip opens on top of the mouse cursor. That makes
the tooltip disappear immediately (just like when you move the mouse
over a tooltip...).

Any ideas on how to solve that?

Also do you know how could I change the font of the tooltip?
I seem to have a default Courier here.


address@hidden escreveu:

> F1 is a useless key on my keyboard, because I don't use it in
> Emacs, so I thought I bound some kind of help function on it.
> I thought some kind of help which is less intrusive than the
> default one (doesn't open a new window, frame, etc.) would be
> useful, so I made one using tooltips.
> When using in a Lisp program the tooltip is displayed without
> osbcuring the position of the cursor and it is dismissed
> automatically when the user continues typing, so it doesn't disrupt
> the current window configuration like the current help does.
> How it works:
> If the cursor is ON a symbol then help is shown for that symbol.
> If the cursor is after or before a symbol then the function symbol
> belonging to the containing sexp is used. If no such symbol is
> found then a nearby symbol is tried.
> If the symbol has both function and variable bindings then both of
> them are shown together in the tooltip.
> When function help is shown and the cursor is in the argument list
> then the relevant argument is highlighted in the documentation.
> (Using code copied from Emacs Wiki.)
> Support can be added by creating a function with a name like this:
>   th-<major-mode>-handler
> Currently only Emacs Lisp mode is supported.

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