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Re: singlebind.el --- Bind commands to single characters

From: tpatro
Subject: Re: singlebind.el --- Bind commands to single characters
Date: 18 Mar 2007 12:38:08 -0700
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On Mar 18, 7:57 pm, Thorsten Bonow <address@hidden> wrote:
> or defining a variable which holds the seconds argument and sets different
> values vor XEmacs and GNU Emacs.

Thanks for the fix. I added it to the source.

> Repeating a key is nearly as fast as typing it once but has the advantage, 
> when
> overloading key sequences, that it is more unlikely to be mixed up with 
> ordinary
> typing. In my opinion it would be nice to have such a feature in 
> singlebind.el.

Good idea! It really almost as convenient to press the same key twice
than only once and it's not as frequent. I will look into adding this
method too when I have the time.

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