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completion-ui.el -- Announcing a new release

From: Toby Cubitt
Subject: completion-ui.el -- Announcing a new release
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 15:50:43 +0100
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Announcing a new release of the Completion-UI package.

The Completion-UI package is the Swiss-army knife of in-buffer
completion user-interfaces.

It provides a library aimed at Elisp package writers that implements
many different user-interfaces for in-buffer completion, so that you
don't have to go through the tedium of re-inventing them, and can
concentrate on writing code to find the completions in the first place.
To use it, all your package must do is define a function that returns a
list of completion candidates. That's it! Completion-UI takes care of
the rest.

All the user-interfaces and features are extensively customizable, but
*not* by package writers! The Completion-UI philosophy is that the user
knows best how they want their user-interface to work, and customization
should be left up to them. Users can then customize their in-buffer
completion user-interface once and for all, for all packages that use

This version also provides a collection of commands aimed at Emacs users
that configure a number of Emacs' built-in completion mechanisms
(dabbrevs, etags, Elisp completion, and also CEDET's Semantic completion
mechanism) to use completion-UI. These also serve as examples for
package writers.

The sources are too big to post here, but are available from:

The package's web page can be found at:

Changes in latest release:

* the new completion-ui-examples.el commands set things up so that a
number of Emacs' completion mechanisms can use Completion-UI

* many bug-fixes and improvements

Toby Cubitt

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