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[wsn] PIPL Works of the People

From: Wyl Newland
Subject: [wsn] PIPL Works of the People
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 14:45:58 -0600

Copyright  (c)  2005.  Wyl Newland, Philosopher;  Newland, Minnesota. 
All patent, copyright and trademark rights reserved.  This work of the
people, by the PIPL, for the people, shall not perish, according to

        Intending no offense to any person and unto the free software
community by means of its mail lists, I extend greetings and thanks. 
The above "freedom notice" exemplifies how I hope to tersely prefix
publications of my intellectual property, licensed under the terms and
conditions of what I have dubbed the Peoples Intellectual Property
License (PIPL), which I pronounce as "people" .  I ask the Free
Software Foundation (FSF) to consider authoring the PIPL license and
hosting its unchanging URL.  I will gladly invest time and money in
the PIPL if I am shown the way.  I require one simple umbrella
intellectual property license to affix to all my works, including but
not limited to public disclosure of patentable discoveries and
embodiment designs.

        I like the name "PIPL" and do freely place the name under FSF
stewardship.  If the FSF wants to apply for the PIPL(tm) trademark
(*1), please let me know how I can help.  If the FSF prefers another
name for its intellectual property umbrella license, then I will seek
a phonetic way to linguistically honor their chosen name, in the
demonstrated manner of the above freedom notice.  At the very least I
would sincerely appreciate the FSF including a workable #PIPL
reference as depicted in the URL of the above freedom notice so that
all preexisting freedom notices URL links work.

        Unto Mr. Stallman, please accept my warmest regards and sincere
appreciation for your most excellent recent leadership on the FDL and
your unwavering support of copyleft.  Under different names, we
conversed on these topics several years ago.  I endeavor to persevere
in remaining faithful to your vision.  Thank you for your life's good

        In accordance with Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the U.S.
Constitution "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by
securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive
Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;" the PIPL accepts
the reality of constitutional law and redirects its full power towards

        If the three core principles of the PIPL are suitably codified by the
FSF, then I agree to disclose, licensed by the PIPL, the theory and
design of all my inventions. This condition applies to the real person
producing under the pseudonym "Wyl Newland, Inventor"   This is my
best way of giving back to the free software community.  It is also
the best way I can imagine to assure my designs remain free from
non-free encroachments and that any royalties be properly directed to
the benefit of all concerned.

        The PIPL license needs a proper blending of three (3) conditions:

        #1 When a work constitutes a public disclosure of a patentable
discovery (Title 35--Patents, U.S. Code, the
inventor grants an irrevocable license for the royalty-free embodiment
of that discovery into any device deployed via copyleft distribution
means.  The inventor retains all rights for commercial development of
their discoveries and licenses them freely, if and only if, three
percent (3%) of the gross revenues of the sales and service of
licensed commercial embodiments and spin-off products is paid among:
a) local Rotary Club/s, b) Rotary International, c) any of the
projects chartered for the purpose of producing, storing, replicating,
and modifying works licensed by the PIPL, and/or d) The Free Software
Foundation.  Upon first public disclosure, any inventor has one year
to file a patent application within the United States, otherwise the
discovery becomes prior art.  Covered forms of embodiment include
software and any digital or physical embodiments of the discovery. 
Any commercial entity  wishing to file a patent application on behalf
of the inventor, must contact the inventor directly to negotiate any
additional terms and conditions; AND,

        #2 When a PIPL work constitutes a copyrighted work of any lawful form
(Title 17--Copyrights, U.S. Code, that work
is licensed under a named copyleft license
( or, if the license is
unnamed, the GPL is presumed.  If the copyleft includes the work being
translated from one manifestation of copyright to another (from
example, from a written stage or screen play into a public
performance) or in any manner distributed for profit, the same 3%
royalty requirement of condition #1 above applies (for example, from
ticket sales).  When any claims of a copyleft license disagree with
the patent principle of the condition #1, then those patent claims of
said copyleft license are voided and superseded by the claims
established by condition #1 above; AND,

        #3 When a PIPL work properly claims a proposed trademark (Title 35,
U.S. Code,  having been properly  researched
upon the Internet for possible conflict, that claimed trademark may be
used royalty free and with or without citation in all works licensed
by the PIPL.  Said mark may be used within a work and upon a work
subject to the conditions that: a) when the mark is used within a work
not licensed by the PIPL, that work must provide a URL to the root
page of the mark;  said root page must itself be a work licensed by
the PIPL; b) when the mark is used within a work licensed by the PIPL,
that work need not provide a URL to the root page of the mark; c) said
mark may be affixed upon works licensed by the PIPL, and d) said mark
may never be affixed upon any work which is not licensed by the PIPL;

        In a nutshell, I seek to patent certain business software inventions
and, coincident with initial public disclosure, irrevocably permit
free embodiment within GPL'd software.  Without having to sell
individual patent licenses I want to permit the commercial application
of my inventions in proprietary settings with royalties flowing
automatically unto the free software community and/or the Rotary
community, comprised of people most highly valuing service, truth,
fairness, benefit and goodwill among the peoples.

        Please help the cause by forwarding this email.  Please contribute
$10 or more to the  Free Software Foundation. 59 Temple Place, Suite
330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA, as a means to help cover their
expenses.  In order that the votes will be properly tallied, upon your
check please add the memo note "for the PIPL".
Wyl Newland, Inventor
Newland, Minnesota
(*1) Trademark classes of the PIPL(tm) might be: CLASS 42 (Computer,
scientific & legal) Scientific and technological services and research
and design relating thereto: industrial analysis and research
services; design and development of computer hardware and software;
legal services; CLASS 45 (Personal) Personal and social services
rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals; security services
for the protection of property and individuals.
Wyl Newland
Newland, Minnesota

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