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Seeking Critical Comments

From: Don Parris
Subject: Seeking Critical Comments
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 00:10:18 -0400


I have been revising a book I released last year, "Penguin in the Pew",
which helps the Christian community (specifically) to understand free and
open source (noting the somewhat subtle difference) software, especially
GNU/Linux.  RMS communicated with me last year that he believes Christians
should see the moral imperative in free software.  I happen to agree, and
think that, at the very least, we need to wrestle with the question of
morality and software licenses.

I have written to some extent about these philosophical issues, and would
like to receive some feedback on my presentation of them.  While I recognize
some differences between the FSF and the OSI, I have attempted to help
Christians grasp the nature of the debates within the FOSS community and
between the FOSS and proprietary communities. Your religious views are less
important than your feedback on my presentation.

I anticipate finishing the project and releasing the book for print by the
end of the month, so time is fairly important.  While you're welcome to
review the complete book, I would ask potential critics from this list to
focus on three chapters, where the philosophical and legal questions are
most addressed.  Proceeds from the sale of the book will fund my own
advocacy efforts in the Charlotte, NC area.

If you are interested in offering feedback please e-mail me off-list.  I
will then provide a link to download the OOo Writer doc.

evangelinux    GNU Evangelist         
"Free software is like God's love - you can share it with anyone anytime

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