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Re: Red Hat on patent FUD

From: ml2mst
Subject: Re: Red Hat on patent FUD
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 11:34:47 +0100
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> ____/ Doug Mentohl on Tuesday 17 March 2009 18:49 : \____
>> 'the purpose of this portfolio is defensive .. because of the threats of
>> companies that are hostile to FOSS and that have amassed large
>> stockpiles of overbroad patents'
>> 'Although there have been some recent questions about one of our patent
>> applications relating to the AMQP specification, they appear to
>> originate in an attempt to spread FUD. Theres no reasonable, objective
>> basis for controversy'
> It's not really FUD.
> The former head of the FFII is sure to publicise information which suggests
> that Red Hat is not or was not serious about ending software patents. People
> should not let them off the hook so easily.

I enjoyed Pieter's comments on BN, but I am pretty confused here. What
does it mean, is Redhat becoming another patent troll or am I
misinterpreting this?

What I recently learned from BN and especially Pieter Hintjens is that
we (Europeans) are in trouble. The software patent lobby (of course led
by the Evil empire of MICROS~666) is marching on and nobody pays
attention and that the FFII has become corrupt (pretty much like ISO).
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have signed a petition against the legalization of software patents in
Europe several times, but it is not working to well, is it?

So what I am asking of you, my fellow Europeans is to stay allert and
fight software patents as much as we can.

It is a fact that we, Europeans copy most of Americans behavior,
unfortunately we are starting to copy their stupidity as well more and
more. Please don't let it happen.


SweatyB (the übermaroon) can scream all he wants.

Have a nice weekend ;-)

Cheers, Mart

|_|0|_| Marti T. van Lin

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