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Line breaking when a note spans a barline

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: Line breaking when a note spans a barline
Date: 01 Nov 2000 10:33:36 -0500
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I'm attempting to use Lily to get good printing of unbarred parts for
16th century music.  

I'm using:

\property Score.defaultBarType="empty"

so that in a tune with a time signature of C where few or no barlines have
been entered, the line breaks will occur at multiples of four quarter
notes.  This is mostly happening.

However, there are cases where there is a note which spans one of
these fictitious empty barlines.  So say I have a line of mudela that

<stuff> f2 g4 f4. e8

Lily is deciding to break this line between the dotted quarter and the 
eighth note, which is the worst possible place for a line break. 

I am working around this by inserting an empty barline in a better
place, for instance:

<stuff> f2 \bar "empty"; g4 f4. e8

Is there a better way to tell Lily what to do?  

I would think that in general when there's a note that spans a barline 
that barline is a less good place for a break than a barline that
comes between two notes.  Is there some way to tell Lily this?  

(I'm actually using mudela-book and latex for the printout, if that
makes a difference.)

Laura (mailto:address@hidden , )

(Note the email and homepage address changes; please update your
address book, bookmarks, and links.)

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