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Big scores and landscape printing

From: Ben Tordoff
Subject: Big scores and landscape printing
Date: 14 Nov 2000 12:20:52 +0000


after a few hours scanning the manual, mail archives etc. I'm still
having trouble getting lily to output a rather large score in landscape.
I know there's been some talk of this earlier (Sept), but that was in
relation to use within latex. Is there a way to get a4 landscape output
directly from 'ly2dvi'?

Some things I have already tried:
1) ly2dvi -L   -- didn't seem to have much effect
2) \paper { papersize="a4"; orientation="landscape"; }  -- again no
discernable difference
3) \paper { textheight = 190.0\mm;      linewidth = 285.0\mm; } -- score is
right size, but gets cropped onto portrait a4 in xdvi, or is strangely
offset with 'xdvi -paper a4r'

Presumably I'm missing the point somewhere along the line. Is there some
different paper size definition required, or some other easy trick?

In portrait this score takes 80+ pages, whereas landscape would be
significantly less (about 60).
Any advice would be welcomed (and would save some trees!).

Ben Tordoff

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