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barchecks fail

From: Dirk Lattermann
Subject: barchecks fail
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000 22:46:23 +0100
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after a long time, I re-tried the music I once entered
with the newest version of lilypond (1.3.110). The last
time I used lily was with version ~ 1.3.42. The situation
is quite different, I guess! Don't know if it's more
work entering Brahms' concerto or keeping up with
lilypond syntax :-)

The first thing I realized (seems to produce most of
lily diagnostic output) are many warnings because of
failed bar checks. It occurs whenenver I use marcato
(or staccatissimo, e.g. c-| marks. Is the | misinterpreted
as a bar mark or did the syntax for marcato change?


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