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LilyPond 1.3.133

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: LilyPond 1.3.133
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 20:52:54 +0100

.133 ; attractions are small bugfixes, easyplay notation, and
-finally- repeated accidentals for tied notes at the start of a


* Tied notes at a linebreak repeat their accidental.

* Removed some cruft from lily/include/.

* Bugfix: tied notes in chords sometimes got stuck in MIDI output
(thanks Mats).

* Added some example bug files, taken from Coriolan

* a2-engraver: \property noDirection: don't force direction when part-combining 
(for StaffCombining).

* text-spanner: don't repeat edge text for broken edge.

* Coriolan fixes, titling, font setting, header info, cello octave
(yes, notated different from bass; all agree) at end.


* Allow declared repeat variant string

* Bugfix: break alignment at right edge.

* Easy-notation: letters in circular note heads.  

* Debian patch by Anthony Fok.


Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden    |

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