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Script oddities

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Script oddities
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 14:13:19 +0200

I'm working on the addition of a number of baroque ornaments, 
as requested by Jérémie, and found a couple of problems in
the current support of ornaments and other scripts.

- You can not get the same script both above and below one and
  the same note. For example, if you try c^\fermata_\fermata, 
  you only get the upper fermata, not the lower one. Two different 
  scripts on the same note works fine. What's the idea behind 
  this behaviour, or is it just a bug?

- I know that the support for scriptHorizontal is supposed to be 
  very primitive, but I dare complain anyway. If you do, 
  \property Voice.scriptHorizontal = ##t
  c^- c_-
  the result is unsymmetrical, the script on the right hand side
  is fairly distant from the note head whereas the left hand side
  script almost collides with the note head. 

What I'm trying to do is to support the "pincé" and "cheute" 
from Jérémie's table 
i.e. a comma-like symbol the appears after or before the note head, 
or both. I have implemented the font symbols and can do a hack, 
setting the padding of extra-offset to place them either to the 
left or to the right of the note head, but when I want both at the
same note, I'm hit by both of the problems mentioned above.


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