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Re: [RFC] The GNU system's package system

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [RFC] The GNU system's package system
Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 17:31:33 +0200

          Our aim is to avoid these scripts!

       The idea was that these should only be used for non-interactive
       tasks, and not interactive ones, infact, one could probobly
       remove all of them.

   It would be much much better not to have them at all.

Fully agree...

   If we do have these scripts, making or unmaking the symlink will
   have to run them.  That would be intolerable if they are
   interactive, but even noninteractive scripts make things harder to
   maintain and understand.  My goal is that the appearance and
   disappearance of the files in the package directly controls
   everything necessary to make a package function.  Let's see if we
   can get there.

Okie, I will `disable' these scripts for the time being, and lets see
how far we get get without using them.  But I think we will be forced
to add them sooner or later sadly...

   I think older versions of Mac OS were simpler in many ways, and
   that simplicity (if we can achieve it) is very desirable.

Could anyone familiar with the Macintosh comment about how packages
looked like on that system?

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