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Todo list

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Todo list
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 00:46:43 +0200 (CEST)

I'd like to ask people to pick something from the following list (it
is an abridged version of my todo list), and start working on it.

This is very important work if we ever want to have GNU in a usable
state that can be remotley considered for public consumption.

* GNU (Liberation)

General outline of what needs to be done.

** Something that runs (done)
** Fix startup scripts (done)
** Fix stowfs/unionfs -- See `The GNU Hurd: stowfs ...'  (wip, tuxmanic)
** Installer (wip, mjflick)
** LiveCD (bing? mjflick?)
** Fix borken things
** Release first RC since 1997

* GNU -- general
** The GNU C Library
*** Work with GCC 4.1
*** TLS (ams?)
*** NPTL (depends on TLS) (ams?)
*** Rewrite/Cleanup Hurdish guts
*** Examine (and fix) bottlenecks
*** Profiling support (See GCC)
*** fork()

** The GNU Hurd
*** stowfs (HurdExtras) fix it so it works during boot (tuxmanic, wip)
*** Examine (and fix) bottlenecks
*** libchannel
*** See task list at

** GNU Mach
*** Examine bottlenecks
*** Add support for GDB stub for serial debugging (ams?)
*** Add drivers
*** Clean up code
*** Fix bottlenecks
*** Add sound support (requires libchannel)
*** Add USB support (requires libchannel)

** GCC
*** Profiling support (needs libc fixing)

** GNU Packaging
*** See `The GNU Hurd: stowfs ...'
*** Write pkg_create or similar for package creation
*** Friendly front-end for installing packages

** GNU tar
*** Support passive translators

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