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hurd installation problem

From: kiran chand
Subject: hurd installation problem
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 09:06:21 +0530

         we hve installed k14 in our system and i did the following steps
1.installation of hurd in hda7 2.initial installation of debian 3.1 upto the grub in hda6 3.after rebooting i could find hurd in the grub
                                                         4.then i did
a.# export TERM=mach b.# ./native-install <after rebooting> c.# ./native-install d.i reboot the system as per instructions but my system got stucked when it reaches some what like "TUE date TIME" . no response was there after...moreover i cldnt edit fstab using nano...can u please help me...i dnt knw wheher i misd the steps.. thank u

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