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Re: about GNU Hurd

From: Vikram Vincent
Subject: Re: about GNU Hurd
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 09:42:34 +0530


On 31/07/07, Christopher Parker <address@hidden> wrote:
On 7/30/07, Claudio Fontana <address@hidden> wrote:
> About the last part, maybe some kind of "bounty" could be set up?
> As this is hard work, and maybe not immediately rewarding, maybe
> some tangible monetary reward on a per-feature or per-milestone
> basis could attract new hackers?
> I am not familiar with the Hurd and its development status, and do not
> feel able to contribute to its development directly, but I am able to offer a
> moderate bounty for a stable, GPLv3, more or less drop-in replacement
> of the Linux kernel to complete the GNU system, that boots on a decent
> amount of commodity hardware.
> I was thinking about 5000 CHF (~4100 USD) I am able to donate myself,
> and maybe someone else could join me in this.

Although I don't think I'd be able to contribute as much, I'd be more
than willing to contribute toward a Hurd fund. I, too, inquired a
while ago about contributing toward Hurd development, but that didn't
really get anywhere. While I am able to program in C and C++, my
knowledge of kernel development is as great as any random Schmoe on
the street. In lieu of direct participation, if offering funds toward
the completion of the Hurd and the packaging of the GNU system will be
helpful, then I think the FSF/GNU Project should set up a Hurd
development or GNU system packaging fund, similar to what's been done
with the SkyOS "Code Ransom" system:
(warning: SkyOS is a proprietary operating system).

And if the GNU * hackers are from India I'm sure we can try to support  them through our project
I'm sure that with some reasonable world wide coordination we should be able to move the Hurd development forward faster. Hope the FSF initiates the necessary action.

Vikram Vincent
Project Engineer,
NRCFOSS, AU-KBC Research Centre,
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