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installer for the hurd

From: Karl Berry
Subject: installer for the hurd
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 18:04:36 -0500

A group in India has produced an installer for the Hurd which they are
offering to GNU.  It consists of an .iso with the basic binaries and a
shell script to do the installation.

My machines aren't in a state where I can try it myself.
Can anyone else give it a whirl?

Here's the information they've provided.


** Package name and version:
Package Name: Hurd LX Installer
Version     : 0.1

** Author Full Name <Email>:
Kiran Chand K, k.kiranchand/gmail/com
Raghesh A, raghesh.a/gmail/com

** URL to home page (if any):

** URL to sources (if any):

** Brief description of the package:
The Hurd LX installer is the successor of Debian K Series
installer(Potato), which finishes the installation with successfully
configuring X. It avoids the complicated installation procedure of
the previous K14 installer.

* Similar projects:
Please explain what motivated you to write your package, and search
at least the Free Software Directory (
for projects similar to yours.  If any exist, please also explain
what the principal differences are.

The current HURD(k14) works using the 2.1 (Slink) installation
system, although it was updated to 2.2 (Potato). This old
installation system unpacked a tarball onto the target Hard Drive and
then booted into this system on the Hard Drive. The GNU installation
uses the baseGNU tarball. The Linux installation ramdisk has been
modified to prepare the target HD to receive the baseHURD tarball.

We created a new installer which avoids the complicated installation
procedure of the previous K14 installer. The installed system boots into
X directly.

* Any other information, comments, or questions:
The project is not completed yet. Currently the script will not check
for wrong inputs given by the user. The changes will be incorporated

The detection of other operating systems installed in the system is not
automated completely. We are planning to use some os prober tool.

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