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Re: [Gnu3dkit-dev] 3D file formats

From: Philippe C . D . Robert
Subject: Re: [Gnu3dkit-dev] 3D file formats
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 21:55:47 +0200

On Dienstag, Oktober 8, 2002, at 07:30  Uhr, Brent Gulanowski wrote:

Anyway, that's a lot to digest. I'll have written a book by the time this is done with. Actually, being 1)the newbie and 2)a trained writer, I restate my willingness to take over any documentation tasks. Phil, please include documentation objectives amongst those other project objectives I mentioned last message.

It would be very useful if you could do that! What do you propose, would you ie. be interested in writing a white paper ( and later a users' guide or programmers' guide)?

Philippe C.D. Robert

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