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[Gnu3dkit-dev] G3DBezier follow-up

From: Brent Gulanowski
Subject: [Gnu3dkit-dev] G3DBezier follow-up
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 00:06:53 -0400

Another question that I hope isn't idiotic, but how does one make use of a G3DBezier object? I mean, how could one draw one? Will we create some more G3DGeometryExtensions that will allow us to produce tesselated/submissible versions of the bezier, plane, sphere, line and other such mathematical objects in some form suitable for OpenGL? Actually, extensions alone might not be enough -- although I guess we could have something which returns a vertex array simplification.

Since OpenGL has support for NURBS (through GLU), would that route be worth considering? Or would we want to provide our own code? I'm making the hopefully not absurd assumption that we are hoping to draw Bezier and related curves. But perhaps the intention is to leave this up to individual users.

If (when) I manage to produce a dynamic procedural LOD mesh generation class (hey, I can always use the code in that article I quoted earlier -- the author posted C++ code for free, so I might just port it), maybe there will be some overlap in functionality.

This brings up a general question. I know of quite a few Open Source projects, most under the LGPL, which already have massive amounts of functionality in them, albeit mostly in C++ (Quesa, Crystal Space, Celestia, IScape -- a cool terrain renderer, Genesis3D, PanardVision, Gizmo3D). What is the attitude towards scavenging whatever we can find and Obj-C-ifying it for use in G3DKit?

Here's another link re: terrain LOD, this time with screen captures:

Brent Gulanowski

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