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[Gnu3dkit-discuss] hpr or phr??

From: Brent Gulanowski
Subject: [Gnu3dkit-discuss] hpr or phr??
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 18:08:06 -0400

Hi Phillipe,

I'm having a dog of a time getting my rotations to make sense. As far as I can discern, G3DTransform applies itself to the MODELVIEW matrix directly, and then its up to opengl to discern the rotations. I'm a novice here of course, but it seems that the rotations get put into place along the global X, Y and Z axes in that order (based on my tests). Are not the hpr (heading pitch roll) usually associated with the *local* Y, X and Z axes in that order?

The problem is that in my editor, the user will have a base rotation for their point of view (say, from the left or looking to the right) and then they are applying a local-z or roll rotation to an object in those terms, so I have to apply them correctly. Because it seems that opengl applies them in a different order, I'm trying to figure out how to use different combinations depending on both the user's location and the relative rotation. Working in global coordinates is giving me a headache.

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