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[Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #51

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: [Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #51
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 09:40:59 +0100

Kernel Cousins GNUe #51 is now available at

Threads Covered:
1.  Fixes to 0.4.0 releases setup.exe on Microsoft Windows
2.  Installing GNUe on Mandrake GNU/Linux
3.  Javascript Forms Client
4.  Running CVS version of GNUe on Windows and DOS
5.  curses (text-only) client for GNUe Forms
6.  Workflow and Knowledge Management for GNUe
7.  Non-free Linux accounting package at Linux Expo UK
8.  Native support for other User Interface drivers in Forms
9.  Printer filters for Reports
10. Using Forms on Microsoft Windows with Application Server
11. GNUe Rivals
12.Debian GNU/Linux packages for GNUe
13. Using McMillan to package Designer for Microsoft Windows
14. DCL and GNUe Forms
15. Status of GNUe Reports
16. Standards for transaction monitors and distributed transactions
17. Free accounting software for small businesses
18. GNUe as a web-based groupware platform
19. GNUe FAQ and website
20. Sales Tax in USA and Australasia
21. setPrefetch bug with database driver for Application Server fixed

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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