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[Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #52

From: Peter Sullivan
Subject: [Gnue-announce] Kernel Cousins GNUe #52
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 15:52:59 +0100

Kernel Cousins GNUe #52 is now out, at

Threads Covered:
1.  Problems with PostgreSQL python drivers on RedHat
2.  Installing GNUe and PySablot on SuSE GNU/Linux
3.  Roadmaps and other project planning issues
4.  Forms graphical resolution and other feature requests
5.  Free Entity Relationship Diagram tools
6.  Fixes to 0.4.0 releases setup.exe on Microsoft Windows
7.  Frustrations with Release Process
8.  GSParser and the GNUe XML DTD
9.  WikiWikiWeb for GNUe
10. Strong commercial interests and free software projects
11. Problems updating GNUe CVS server
12. GNUe packages included in GNUWin
13. Non-free alternatives to GNUe Reports
14. Other Payroll projects and GNUe
15. Focus problem with multi-line Forms
16. Status of GNUe Tools and Packages
17. GNUe Navigator for classic workflow
18. acclite/nola or sql-ledger for simple Financials
19. Reports server not currently used
20. Field names in GNUe Schema Definitions
21. GNUe App Server as a business application server
22. Javascript forms client
23. New Developer's Guide to Forms
24. GNUe Developers meeting in Germany
25. Python for GNUe triggers and scripting
26. Forms usability issues
27. GNUe on
28. Triggers and Application Server
29. DCL web site and Gantt Charts
30. Documentation and support for GNUe

Peter Sullivan <address@hidden>

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