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[GNUe] Postgresql

From: Stefan Elwesthal
Subject: [GNUe] Postgresql
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 18:45:10 +0800

Hi all!

Me, a man that definietly prefer MySQL, gave PostgreSQL a try since I noted 
some messages saying postgreSQL is better and works better with gnue.

well, after a lot of reading in the tutorial and user guide, I found out how to 
run initdb and how to start postmaster with -D and -i.
Then, it took me sometime to issue the 'create user sel createdb password 
'MySecret1' command. I then created a databse and did 'grant all privileges on 
adressbok to sel'

Now, user sel could use pgsql to insert some values to the adressbok. But, as I 
found out, user sel cannot access the data through Gnue without getting errors 
about pg_hba.conf (this file, BTW, claims to allow access from all users on 

This is probaly not a GNUe error, it's probably me missing a lot of details in 
setting up this monstrous piece of code, but could anyone explain while it's 
totally ok to access through pgsql and not through GNUe? 

Best regards

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