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[gnugo-devel] Go Diagram Generation Questions

From: Ricardo SIGNES
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Go Diagram Generation Questions
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 12:44:01 -0500
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I'm working on a Go class to generate diagrams of boards, mostly for use in a
tutorial I'd like to write.  I want to make the class generically useful,
though, so I have a few questions that might help me achieve that goal:

        *       Is there a way to compute star point locations?  At the moment, 
I am 
                storing them for given 'common' sizes (9,11,13,17,19)

        *       Apart from graphical and textual images, how might users wish 
to store
                games?  I know that in chess, Forsyth notation is often stored 
in FEN
                files.  Is there a similar file-type for go to store only an 

        *       On the subject of files, is there a place to find details on the
                various file formats?  I've found some, now, on SGF, but not 
much on
                'go' format.  I imagine there may be others.  (Jago promises an
                XML-based format which I haven't investigated too thoroughly.)

        *       I'd like to be able to put circles, squares, and triangles on 
                or stones to 'mark' them.  Are there other markers (beyond 
text) that I
                should consider?

Thanks for your help.  I did a /lot/ of googling before deciding I really
couldn't find these questions pre-answered.  The folks on IGS were willing to
help, but essentially unable -- the ones who spoke to me were more players than


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