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Re: [gnugo-devel] testcases

From: bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] testcases
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 06:47:33 -0800

> Ah, I had assumed there was a plan to switch.  Doing all at once makes
> sense, though.  Any reason that doing so would be more complex than
> s/gg_genmove/reg_genmove/?

Gunnar did imply that he wanted to make such a change. But this was
months ago. If Gunnar wants to make such a switch I think it's
better to do all the tests at once.

I wrote:

> At move 36, there are a couple of things on the board which
> are even more urgent than M15. C6 is very imporant, and W
> is threatening H4, which B might defend in a few different
> ways, for example L4. I took this test out.

As I thus explained that at move 36 there are two very urgent
matters at the bottom of the board. I forgot to explain why
M15 is less urgent. The stone at M17 is light. It can be
given up without pain. If W plays at M16, the stone still
has aji. After W:M16 black can play at H17 after which it
still takes another move to capture the B stone. W will
have played 5 moves resulting in an overconcentrated shape.

By contrast, the stones at bottom are not light. B has
invested a lot in capturing K3-K4, and in making life
in the corner. (Probably W cannot kill the corner, but
W can play C6 and B6 in sente. So I think L4 is more
urgent than C6. However C6 is still more urgent than M15.)

Given the urgency of the position at the bottom, B's tenuki at 
move 30 seems a better moment for a test. How about:

loadsgf games/nngs/uno-gnugo-3.3.16-200302230528.sgf 30
320 restricted_genmove black C14 L4 C6
#? [L4|C6]

We might also want to allow J4 or H4 at this move. And this
way of writing the test doesn't capture the idea that both
L4 and C6 are more urgent than C14. So maybe:

loadsgf games/nngs/uno-gnugo-3.3.16-200302230528.sgf 30
320 restricted_genmove black C14 L4 J4 H4
#? [L4|J4|H4]

325 restricted_genmove black C14 C6
#? [C6]


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