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Re: [gnugo-devel] pattern proposal [was]Twogtp test replay result

From: max-d
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] pattern proposal [was]Twogtp test replay result
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 10:21:18 +0100

From: "Evan Daniel" <address@hidden>

> Isn't the top line of *'s redundant?

i don't understand what "of *'s " means
the top line of "?" seems to be needed because of the "d" label in the
constraint diagram.
isn't ?

From: "Paul Pogonyshev" <address@hidden>
> But in general, why would it be useful for "windows - non Cygwin" >users?

I think that lots of  good Go players who play on the Internet are stuck to
MS Windows .
For them ,it is a huge work to understand how to *download -
install -understand* Cygwin (i have experimented this !)
That does not mean that they are not intersted by GNUGo .
A  friend of mine (4D european) said me that few time ago ,adding that
understanding Gnugo was at least as difficult than to try to get the 5th D
So i think that making Gnugo not only running but also understandable *from*
Windows would make things easier for some interested people (and even non
programmers can help in tuning Gnugo).

> Is compilation time very long, or something?
Not at all !
compilation may be , but just re-making the executable is very fast ...
but just enable from Cygwin of course .

In any case ,i thought what i proposed was easy to do .
If not , i agree there are lots of more interesting things in the Todo list


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