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[gnugo-devel] suggest

From: pcibusgood
Subject: [gnugo-devel] suggest
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:07:16 +0800

bugs report:

Version:gnugo 3.6

OS:windows 98

Compiler:Visual C++ 6.0

Debug tool:NuMega BoundsChecker 6.5

Reporter name:QingYu Ma


1.fatal errors:

In the 1378 line of main.c file, "sgfFreeNode(gameinfo.game_record.root);" This 
sentence will course When the two commands that are "load a.sgf" and "exit". 
are run.(a.sgf is any sgf of file).

2.I think we should increase two lines sentence in somewhere(),in order to for 
free "ap".


somewhere(int color, int check_alive, int num_moves, ...)


  va_list ap;

  int pos;

  int k;

  gg_assert(stackp == 0 || !check_alive);


  va_start(ap, num_moves);

  for (k = 0; k < num_moves; k++) {

    pos = va_arg(ap, int);

    if (board[pos] == color

        && (!check_alive || dragon[pos].status != DEAD)) {


      return 1;




  return 0;


3.In the line 291 of gg_utils.c file, GetProcessTime() of gg_cputime() is not 
provided function in win98, And it will return a wrong result.I think We should 
use GetVersionEx() in order to judge windows version or give prompt.

4.In the line 1014 of sgfnode.c file,

"while (p > buffer && isspace((int) *p))". This sentence may cause wrong of 
read overflow memory. isspace() can`t process Chinese and Japnese.

5.In the line 91 of global.c "int josekidb          = 1;  /* use fuseki 
database */"

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