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[gnugo-devel] Reading patch

From: Gunnar Farnebäck
Subject: [gnugo-devel] Reading patch
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 22:01:38 +0200
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Time for a refreshing reading patch. This adds the static function
squeeze_moves() in reading.c, which looks for moves to squeeze out
liberties from superstrings. Typical examples are reading:203,204.

- new static function squeeze_moves() in reading.c

The breakage is (computed before the last patches went into CVS):
reading:203     PASS 1 E9 [1 E9]
filllib:35      FAIL A7 [A8|B8]
trevorb:600     FAIL N7 [F2|F3]
trevor:290      PASS G8 [!A9]
nngs4:730       PASS C17 [C17]
seki:206        PASS A1 [A1]
seki:803        FAIL C1 [C2]
seki:811        PASS A1 [A1]
Total nodes: 1675157568 3156143 13093899 (+0.19% -0.09% -0.16%)

Good pass, targeted testcase.

Good pass. Now it's understood that white A9 can tactically be
attacked with ko (previous result 0).

The difference is whether E17 can be tactically defended. Without the
patch D17 is found as a defense, with the patch no defense is found.
Unclear what's correct.

Very good. Ko attack is now found on A4. (The two testcases are
similar but by no means identical.)

Accidental. The primary change is that black A5 is understood to no
longer be tactically safe, which is very good.

With patch a bogus atari-atari defense appears at N7. The only change
in reading is
B:N7 W:N9 B:N11 W:M10 B:H13 W:K13 attack J13 (22)       0 PASS  1 M12
which of course is very good. Why the atari-atari reading makes a
mistake is unclear. 

Many changes in reading results:
 1. B:A2 W:C1 B:B3 attack B3 (16)           0 PASS  1 A1
 2. B:C2 W:C1 B:B1 attack A4 (16)           0 PASS  1 A3
 3. W:A3 B:B1 defend A4 (16)                5 C2    5 C1
 4. W:B1 B:B3 W:C2 B:A2 attack A2 (16)      0 PASS  1 D1
 5. B:B1 attack A4 (17)                     0 PASS  1 C1
 6. B:C2 W:C1 B:B3 attack C1 (16)           0 PASS  1 B1
 7. B:C2 W:C1 B:B3 W:A1 attack C1 (16)      0 PASS  1 A2
 8. B:A2 W:C1 attack A4 (16)                0 PASS  1 A3
 9. B:A2 W:C1 B:B3 attack B3 (16)           0 PASS  1 A1
10. W:C1 defend A4 (17)                     5 A2    4 A2
11. W:A3 B:C1 W:C2 defend C3 (16)           5 B1    4 B1
12. W:A3 B:C1 W:C2 B:B1 attack A4 (17)      0 PASS  1 A1
13. W:A3 B:C2 W:C1 B:B1 defend A4 (16)      5 D1    4 D1
14. W:A3 B:B1 defend A4 (16)                5 C2    5 C1
15. W:C2 B:A2 W:D1 B:B1 attack B1 (16)      0 PASS  4 A3
16. B:A2 W:C2 B:B3 W:C1 attack D2 (16)      0 PASS  1 A1

Number 1,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16 good. Number 2,6,7 bad. 13 bad
but probably not the fault of the patch. Overall an improvement.


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