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[gnugo-devel] tournament at US Go Congress - SlugGo needs permission

From: David Doshay
Subject: [gnugo-devel] tournament at US Go Congress - SlugGo needs permission
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 12:43:14 -0700

Hello All,

For those who do not read the computer go email reflector:

There will be a computer Go tournament at the US Go Congress in Portland Oregon. I hope that at least one GNU Go primary author will be at the Congress and will enter GNU Go in the tournament.

My foundation (HSRF) has offered $1,000 in prize money and another donor has added $250. Tournament rules require derivative programs like SlugGo to obtain the explicit permission of the original authors of any included code. I do not believe that the GPL is sufficient. This is similar to, but slightly less restrictive than, the rules for the Formal division of the KGS monthly tournaments. The KGS rules are that derivative programs and the original program cannot both be entered in the Formal division of the same monthly tournament. I am asking for such permission from you so that I can enter SlugGo at the Go Congress.

I do not intend to enter SlugGo for the cash prizes, just for tournament standing, but this is pending a final OK from the TD.

For those unfamiliar, SlugGo is an academic project at the University of California at Santa Cruz supported by HSRF. I am more than willing to discuss SlugGo's architecture and use of GNU Go code, and to show the source to anyone who wants to see it. The SlugGo code that wraps GNU Go is not covered by the GPL, but by a license that distinguishes between academic/research use and commercial use.


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