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Microformat support

From: Victor Engmark
Subject: Microformat support
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 11:49:19 +0200

[This started as part of the brainstorming for the 'The JobOffer.php is not "HTML 4.01 Transitional" valid' thread, but it's probably better off separate.]

From a programming perspective, it's a lot easier to match user skills with job postings if both employees and employers have to fill in values defined by us, and keep them up to date. But for the users this is a major pain. I'll bet most of them have already filled in several similar forms, with their quirks and annoyances, and ended up with information stored on a server somewhere which is useless outside that website. So how do we provide additional value and convenience to the users compared to any other job site? Simply by using microformats for input and output. Consider these possibilities:
With this, GNU Herds would be the most SEO-friendly and flexible job site ever.

Victor Engmark
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur - What is said in Latin, sounds profound
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