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Members of the system administrator team, and the web master team

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Members of the system administrator team, and the web master team
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 00:18:23 +0100
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In discussion in the #gnu IRC channel, Alfred M. Szmidt (ams) exposed I have 
too much control on the GNU Herds project.

One of the proposed solutions:

  Add at least one guy more with access to the machine.

  Take note it is a responsibility on confidence about users personal

  Take note too that if project's users do not like you they can vote
  you out.

Please, expose any more proposal you think the GNU Herds project should carry 
out to solve such problem.

IRC: (partial log)

<davi> The one who have access to the machine will be voted
       by the project users.  See

<davi> At GNU Herds we propose to use "direct democracy".

<ams>  That is not access to the rest of the project

<davi> What is not good idea is that every person is allowed to access
       others data.

       They have access to the source code which run the webapp, thanks
       to the AGPLv3 license.

       They have access to his own personal data.

       They do _not_ have access to others personal data. Only to the
       published one.

<ams> That is not the same as access the project, and why are you to
      decide who has access where?

<davi> I did not decide it. Users decided it: Neal, Antenore, me, etc.

<ams> You can revert the decision,
      and only you can do so without the confirmation of others
      and you can ignore it.

<davi> Anybody can come and say: I do not like that, I want ...

       No, I can not revert the decision. I can just propose to revert
       the decision, but I can not revert it.  Users will vote on such

<ams> Indeed you can, since you are the only person with full control
      of the project, you are the project maintainer.

      Just admit that you are a dictator and live with it, there is
      nothing wrong with being a dictator.

<davi> I can be replaced.

       Say my family forbid me to contribute so much to the project.

       Instead of a maintainer, IMHO a team of maintainers could be
       a better solution.


       Such team could be changed along years as users decide.

<ams> Kinda reminds me of some lunatic from Korea (the side with the
      crazy person) telling a reporter that Korea was a socialist
      country, and when the revolution was finished they would become

      Obviously, Korea isn't socialist, nor communist.

<davi> So, let do it socialist-communist from the start!

       I will propose choose another guy to have access to the machine.

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