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[Gnumed-devel] PropertySupport

From: sjtan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] PropertySupport
Date: Sun, 25 May 2003 13:08:08 +1000

I've made a PropertySupport class like java.beans.PropertySupport.

There is a PropertySupported class in the file, which can be used
to notify assignments to a class instances self.

If the gmEditArea was reverted to it's old simple, 
self.txt_blah = wxTextCtrl 
self.btn_OK = wxButton

then those component creations can be detected, but only if 
assigned to the self that is a PropertySupported class.

you can easily add widget construction event detection to the gui

It is also possible to detect the TBOX_list assignment , but
the TBOX would have to be from a UserDict subclass that inherits

- Look, prior to the recent changes in gmEditArea , all the fields
in the panel were signalling through  handler classes which put the
changes into a dictionary. The easiest thing to do then was to 
make a dictionary that could update a database e.g. by calling or something like that, and then instantiating that 
dictionary as the dictionaries for the handlers. 

Now that is broken by the re-write of gmEditArea ;  so I'm asking if 
anyone is unhappy about the property support idea, before I waste my
time again.

- this property support mechanism was intended to be used for connecting
domain classes together, but I noticed it had the possibility of working
for the problem of extracting the data entry components from a cleanly
written prototype gui, so that adapters (wxValidator) can be added to
the components , which can then communicate with the database or a
domain model .

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