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[Gnumed-devel] test-area/sjtan

From: syan tan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] test-area/sjtan
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 01:51:41 +1000
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there is a first draft of a configurable edit area in test-area/sjtan/ , and ; the setup is described in the pseudo-sh script,
the functions are:

add( widgetName, widgetType, weighting, newLine , defaultFunction ) :- this creates a new widget on the current line. if newLine ==1 , this is the last widget for the line. The defaultFunction will give a starting value in the widget. ddl(name, "create ...") - this associates an entity with a sql table or view creation. map ( widgetName, "table.field") - maps the table.field or view.field that will store or update the widget.

ref ( name1, name2) - specifies that there is a reference between name1 to name2 ( e.g. name2 is the parent table for the name1 the child table )

browse( [ ("table.field", width), ("table.field", width ), ( "table.field", width) ] ) sets the single browse view for this editarea.

ext_ref ( name1, name2): sets an external reference id from table name1 to another name2. Name2 is currently only one, and is really the
container for the target table/entity  e.g.   Patient  for   prescription

setExtRef( name) : sets the external reference name. (only one currently) e.g. patient or identity

target( name ) : sets the target table; this determines which table to begin a save or update on, and references are followed from this table. Also determines which table is the main table in the browse view, and the primary key of the browse view is mapped to target's primary key.

finish() -- builds the previously defined EditArea , with a EditArea using comboboxes as auto text selection. , buttons for update or save, and a ListCtrl for editing and browsing. The prescriptions test case is usable, and will let drugs be selected using the drug_class , generic_drug_name and link_product_drug tables from drugref ;
it stores prescriptions in a prescription table.

Comments, correcting and writing the configuration for the other use cases, or re-implementation, please.

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