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[Gnumed-devel] history types (was: little project for non-coders)

From: J Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] history types (was: little project for non-coders)
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 15:08:37 -0800

It would be really useful if the clinicians could come up
with a more or less agreed-to list of default history types.
Eg. which types of history do you regularly collect ? It'd be
nice if someone could step up and collect a nice list to be
used in bootstrapping the backend and for defaulting the SOAP
input widget.

I can collate any others' responses, posting to the wiki once it is up.

I gather the intent is to populate:
comment on column clin_item_type.type is
        'the full name of the item type such as "family history"';
comment on column clin_item_type.code is
        'shorthand for the type, eg "FHx"';
.. probably the codes should wait until the list stabilizes

Some of types may overlap (e.g. are risk behaviours part of "Personal history"?)

Anyone yet know of these are defined in any standards pertinent to interoperability?

Should bootstrap items be limited to those on which we have total agreement?

Some of the following, arbitrary ideas raises the issue of "nesting". Maybe preferable to design "flat" but in order to remove the "parents", the "children" might need to be adequately comprehensive.

Family history
Past history (actually, much is "Past Hx", isn't it?)
- Birth history
- Developmental history
- Educational history
- Medical history
- Surgical history
- Hospitalization history
- Obstetrical history
- Psychiatric history
Personal / Social history (maybe this is behaviours?)
- Smoking history
- Alcohol history
- Sexual history
- Recreational drug use / addiction history
- Relationship history?
Occupational history
Legal entanglements?
Financial history
Next-of-kin/Advance directive/Substitute decision-maker/proxy history?
Code status history? (DNR etc)

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