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Re: [Gnumed-devel] anyone noticed wiki problems

From: catmat
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] anyone noticed wiki problems
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 09:24:46 +1100
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catmat wrote:

David Grant wrote:

J Busser wrote:

Woohoo wiki! Seems now to run like one's favorite sports car!

Preview and save each now take me 5-6 seconds, even DevelopmentReference and DevelRefMisc.

@ Carlos & David: Thanks! Do you think this is the result of mod_perl or some other adjustments?

I don't think mod_perl was ever running. Preview and save SHOULD only ever take 5-6 seconds and it always takes about this for me... and by the way I have not had this saving problem until recently, which may be explained by what I what I say below. Anyways, eventually, we are finally on the way to figuring out what the problem is.

First of all, during this testing I have no removed mod_perl so I know for sure it does not enter the equation

Going to and trying to edit it does not work. dig tells me that is Using the URL, I have problems saving that page. Nothing happens. I'm not patient enough to wait around longer than 10 seconds for anything. I did wait about a minute once, but still nothing happens.

Going to http://carlos/twiki/bin/view/Gnumed/DevelopmentReference carlos is in my /etc/hosts. ping tells me that carlos is as well. Going to this URL, making a change, and saving works.

Here, I thought it was all figured out. But then, I went to Using this URL and making a change does NOT work for me.

Now I am really mystified.

Someone else try putting "carlos" as an alias to and see if that works.

And I'd be interested in knowing from Jim if he did anything different today than usual, since he was able to save that particular page as well.

the $logdir is set to the $datadir of the twiki in the conf file, but debug.txt and warning.txt are both empty , and the access logs show just mostly view, rdiff commands, and some save and search

Are the save commands  which block  getting through to the logs?
(none of the save commands I saw had a more than a minute gap to the next view command)

Does twiki use rcs for version control ?

The timeout for save apparently is sent to 3600 seconds
in twiki conf . ( presuming this includes signalling the application that a user wants to
edit, the user typing , and then pressing save).

the first hypothesis is that resource locking is used for editing, and that save is being
delayed because a locked resource is being held.

another hypothesis is that no edit /save commands are getting through, and aren't
being logged.

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