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[Gnumed-devel] Questions about Episode/health issue

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Questions about Episode/health issue
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 11:18:51 +1000
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I've got your 2.4 code running successfully in 2.6 now and I will gradually 
change the non-critical gui-code which prevents various windows from running 
under 2.6 to make it compatible over the next week or so - most of this is 
just minor stuff with sizer attributes and missed conversions to wx.wxBlaBla 

Latest CVS + running gnumed via:


I've a question - one I've always been confused about, however as the 
functionality of this program seems atrocious, perhaps if someone will help 
me understand how it is meant to function and what things mean, I may be able 
to help improve it for the ordinary user.

1) IN my attempts to use it I'm confronted by an active problem list, which 
contains both annotated 'health issues', and 'episodes' - what is the 
difference and conceptually just how is one meant to use them

2)I note that double clicking on something referenced as a 'episode', brings 
up a new tab to allow the entry of clinical notess
3)I note that double clicking on a health issue, brings up a prompt asking for 
a tag for an episode ?? don't understand the sense of this.

in any event - all these - health issues + episodes seem to end up on the same 
active problem list???? see the attatched png

Any attempt to review the patients progress notes anywhere dosn't seem to be 
very easy - eg the EMR tree is ambiguous and hard to navigate, the EMR 
Journal which seems to be the best isn't updated unless you close down the 
program and re-load it.

the EMRDUMP ?what is the purpose of this???

Also saving an episode took an inordinately long time.

BTW, I'm not trying to be picky about this. I genuinely want to help and 
understand this, otherwise I wouldn't have spent nearly two hours of my 
sunday morning attempting to see how this works.



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