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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Fwd: GNUmed - python/postgresql developer

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Fwd: GNUmed - python/postgresql developer
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 23:48:42 +0200
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(Jim, there's a heads-up for you in the middle of this mail.)

Hello Jonas,

> On savannah, I saw that GNUmed wants python/postgresql developers.
> I'd like to contribute.
Sure, welcome !

> I have a fairly good knowledge of python.  I'm not Raymond Hettinger,
> but I get the job done fairly well.
That should surely suffice !  :-)

> I know as little as the next guy about about medical matters.
Please make sure to read and understand the EMR background
page in the User Manual in the wiki (yes, on Some understanding of how medical data
is to be handled will be very very handy.

> So, I hope I can be put to good use;  if you find me
> under-skilled... well, I guess the expression "rising to the
> challenge" applies.  I consider myself a reasonably fast (and eager)
> learner.
Well, we are currently in the maintenance phase for 0.1 and
the coding phase for 0.x (probably 0.2). 0.2 will most
likely be 0.1 on steroids where we add little if any
noteworthy functionality. IOW consolidation of 0.1. Unless
someone speaks up and pushes a particular use case (such as
lab handling, hint, hint).

I have a few potential projects for you. Feel free to suggest
something else, too. See below.

> btw, on
> (just in case you have anything to do with that), GNUmed is described
> as an open source project, yet on savannah it's listed as an official
> GNU project.  That doesn't seem to add up--perhaps you can explain?
Well, in the early stages of development (a few years back,
actually), Horst (who founded the project) applied for
official GNU status and got it approved. All in all we are a
project where all code is under the GPL with no plans to
market anything on behalf of the project itself.

OK, now here for the possible projects:
(Jim, this is a heads-up for the mini-projects page)

wxPython 2.6
Install wxPython 2.6. Make sure GNUmed release 0.1 runs on
it. Then make sure everything being developed keeps running
on it.

unit testing
Write unit tests for the middleware (see client/business/
and client/testing/).

merge widget
Our business objects (middleware) can detect concurrency
errors the database reports. Think of two doctors editing
the same piece of data at once... Whoever tries to save his
changes later will experience a concurrency violation. Our
middleware detects and reports that. It also offers all
three states of data (original, own intended changes,
conflicting changes of other user). What we lack is a widget
to allow the user experiencing the problem to merge changes
into a final version. The easiest and most simple solution
would be to display all three versions and let the user
choose one or supply a fourth version to eventually be saved
back into the database.

search EMR
Our clinical data is saved in a clinical context. It is part
of an encounter between a patient and a healthcare
professional. It is also part of an episode of healthcare.
Now, we need functionality to do searches across all the
free text that has ever been entered into the medical record
of a given patient. There are appropriate views aggregating
the narrative for searching. What we lack is a widget to
display any matches in context: For each match found
retrieve the encounter and episode of care and render this
information to the screen. This is a bit like a context diff
or grep, eg a few "surrounding" lines are displayed along
with the actual match.

Pick your poison !   :-)

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