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[Gnumed-devel] Re: Texlive and Gnumed

From: Gour
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Texlive and Gnumed
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 21:02:18 +0100

On Mon, 8 Mar 2010 20:07:38 +0100
>>>>>> "Sebastian" == <address@hidden> wrote:

Sebastian> I predict that MeeGo will not take off (unless they get a
Sebastian> competitive app store going). Every mobile shop except Nokia
Sebastian> will go for Android or Windows.

Hmm, don't forget that MeeGo is going to be full & open development
platform offering choice of developing apps not just in single
language (Java).

I wouldn't count on Windows here.

Sebastian> Nokia will defeat itself by agonizing over the choice of
Sebastian> Symbian (now FOSS) or MeeGo. They switched Maemo from GTK to
Sebastian> QT. Still unless you get apps out there you will go down -
Sebastian> no matter the technology.

I'm sure Symbian is dead and will be replaced by Maemo. There is
already Qt SDK available for Maemo 5, while Maemo 6 will probably be

That's why I see the need to use Qt as the platform of choice since
although there is some interest within wx community to provide wxQt,
they simply do not have resources to compete with Qt.

And in my case, MeeGo is interesting for me as developing platform
enabling me to use my favorite language for both desktop and
'desktop-lite' (aka mobile) apps, not depending on the MeeGo store.

Otoh, even present Maemo & Moblin offer more apps than I need even
today, so having support for ARM + X86 will just improve things.

Sebastian> Same is true for GNUmed. Users judge features. Since they
Sebastian> are used to buggy software (trained by MS) they will always
Sebastian> chose a fully featured crashing app over a technically
Sebastian> superior feature lacking app. Simple as that.

I will repeat what did many times before: provide simple(r)
installation for GNUmed and it will become more attractive.

However, in Croatia MD having his own clinic can use only 'certified'
software and all those are written for the buggy & popular platform (can you
guess?), so there is simply no choice for poor doctors than to choose
the one which is the least bad amongst bad ones. :-(

Be assured, that after speaking with many of them and having
experience of my wife while working with those packages (one of
client/server app, and when the vendor's server went down, all the
clinics in the Croatia using it were down as well) many doctors are
cursing the software choice.

I'm not sure if the situation will improve when we will be allowed
into EU, but that's why having GNUmed stripped from some of the MD
backage and tailored for other specialized uses in the medical field
is worth of investigating/evaluating.

Sebastian> I also predict that desktop apps will become obsolete in the
Sebastian> eyes of most doctors and users. Doctors will be happy with
Sebastian> every webapp you throw at them as long it is free and will
Sebastian> allow billing.

I threw some webapps in front of my eyes, but not being satisfied has
come to GNUmed...ohh, I'm not the doctor. :-)

Sebastian> Anyone in on this ?

I gave it a try...

Gour (still believing in desktop apps)


Gour  | Hlapicina, Croatia  | GPG key: F96FF5F6

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