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Re: [gnuspeech-contact] GNUstep version

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Re: [gnuspeech-contact] GNUstep version
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 13:23:03 -0800 (PST)

Hey Marcelo,

I will make the changes you indicated. :)   I will test it myself as well.

Thanks, GC

Gregory Casamento -- Principal Consultant - OLC, Inc
# GNUstep Chief Maintainer

From: Marcelo Yassunori Matuda <address@hidden>
To: Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden>
Cc: gnuspeech <address@hidden>
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 3:10:36 PM
Subject: Re: [gnuspeech-contact] GNUstep version

Hi Gregory,

I didn't port GnuSpeech to GNUstep. I just made some adjustments to
the makefiles and fixed some bugs.

And Monet is not very stable in GNUstep (probably the OSX version is
better). It crashes when I open certain windows, for example. What is
working reasonably well is the sequence: open diphones.mxml / enter
the text / synthesize the speech.

Please, replace the announcement in the wiki with:
"GnuSpeech synthesis is working in GNUstep!"

> I would like to display this app more prominently on the GNUstep wiki and
> the GNUstep website front page.  If you have any pictures or screenshots you
> can share I would very much appreciate it. :)

It seems that you haven't downloaded / compiled it... we need more testers! :)

Maybe I am the only one who tested it...

> I am going to put up an entry for it now and we can edit it if you like.
> :)  The wiki is at and the main website is, of
> course,

GnuSpeech is a very interesting project. IMHO the GNUstep developers
could participate in it. I am just a GNUstep/ObjC newbie...


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