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[gnuspeech-contact] Re: Thoughts on GNUSpeech and possible accessibility

From: Dalmazio Brisinda
Subject: [gnuspeech-contact] Re: Thoughts on GNUSpeech and possible accessibility applications
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 12:31:24 -0600

Marcelo Yassunori Matuda <address@hidden> wrote:
GnuSpeech runs on Linux, but you  need to install GNUstep. The source
is available at:

Thanks. I'll check that out.

Has the text to speech daemon been ported yet? The difficulty is that I wouldn't be able to operate the interactive (graphical) environment using either braille or speech, so what I really need is access from the shell.


The text to speech daemon has been partially ported to OS X. By "partially" I mean given text it generates synthesized output, but there is currently no intonation (something I intend to remedy shortly) or other more sophisticated features. It's also accessible via OS X services.

I'm not sure about the port to Linux though, as the text to speech daemon uses the OS X distributed objects architecture, and I don't know to what degree this same architecture is supported on the Gnustep/ Linux platform. Needless to say this elegant IPC/RPC architecture makes writing servers/dameons quite straightforward on OS X.

There was also an accessibility application called Touch N' Talk written for the Nextstep platform some years ago, that used a graphics tablet, and textured overlay that allowed visually impaired users to browse through text documents, with a visual representation of the tablet and activities occurring on the tablet. However, it seems that the last version of the software currently in the nextstep distribution tree was not the latest working version on the Nextstep platform. So this would probably need to be tracked down before a proper port could begin on either the gnustep or osx platforms.

(I have an old crashed internal hard drive which I think holds this information - latest Nextstep Touch 'N Talk -- but I've never had the opportunity to try data recovery of this information... and I'm not sure if it exists archived somewhere else -- I would imagine so. Possibly on one of the old Nextstep machines or old backup systems if they are still around. David, the project administrator, might know more about this).


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