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[gnuspeech-contact] Updated TouchNTalk sources include useful tools

From: David Hill
Subject: [gnuspeech-contact] Updated TouchNTalk sources include useful tools
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 08:56:03 -0700

The material in the SVN repository related to the haptic/ proprioceptive/auditory computer screen interface for the visually impaired -- "TouchNTalk" -- has been significantly updated using recently recovered original files, and includes some useful tools.

The software, all now GPL v.3, was developed as an application of the gnuspeech text-to-speech software within the computer human systems group at the university of Calgary (and later as a technology transfer project by the university spinoff company Trillium Sound Research Inc.), and is the subject of a paper in the IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics that may be accessed on- line at:

The material includes the full sources for TouchNTalk, the full TabletKit, GrooveSliderPalette, tone generator, sample files, and PDF user manual. The work involved a number of researchers over several years including myself (David Hill) as project leader, Christiane Grebe (neƩ Dohrn, my graduate student who completed her MSc on the project), Dalmazio Brisinda (who was responsible for developing the tools, as well as the most recent NeXTStep incarnation), Sheldon Maloff (who produced the original Atari 1040ST version), together with Ken Griffin, Richard Esau, and Shabu Hassiens. The application represents several person-years of effort. The work included human factors evaluation with both normally sighted subjects who were blindfolded, and subjects with complete visual impairment, the results of which are included in the paper mentioned above.

The software is considered part of the gnuspeech project, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Like the text-to-speech core of the work, the software was originally developed for the NeXT computer under NeXTStep but will be ported to GNU/Linux under GnuStep (and also to the Macintosh). Please let me know if you would be able to help.

David Hill
Project Administrator

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