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[gnuspeech-contact] GNUstep & gnuspeech

From: David Hill
Subject: [gnuspeech-contact] GNUstep & gnuspeech
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 17:00:04 -0800

Hi Marcelo,

This is by way of a few comments on my initial experiences with "gnuspeech" 
under GNUstep.

I have done some more testing on the GNUstep version of gnuspeech 
"Synthesizer". There are more problems than I first thought, including the fact 
I can even crash the App by simply choosing a radio button at times (I found 
more than one example). I need to look at this carefully and sort out the 
problems. However, much of what was implemented for OS X works on the GNUstep 
version, the most notable omission being the spectrograph display for speech 
(but it display correctly for the test waveform input). The spectral 
cross-section in the analysis window seems to work as it is supposed to. Of 
course there are stubs for some of the secondary graphs which I have to flesh 
out in both versions. The "About" panel shows up without its content, but the 
content is available in its .pdf file. Perhaps GNUstep doesn't handle .pdf. I 
have to get more thoroughly into testing and start looking at it in the 
development environment.

Is there a good guide to working with the GNUstep IDE? (especially porting from 
Max OS X)

When I  "openapp Monet" command it prints out a message near the start:

Monet [2431 ] Error: No audio output device is available.
Monet [2431] API OSS

Do I need to install OSS, even though I did install portaudio19-dev. I can 
synthesize to a file, and then listen to it using the Media player but cannot 
produce the output directly. Perhaps this is why. On subsequent invocations, 
the message did not appear.

Later, just after ", [2431] filename: 
/home/david/Library/Application/Support/GnuSpeech/pronunciations, db: 
0x44e9df0, has been loaded: 1" it outputs:

Monet [2431] File NSData.m: 282. In readContentsOfFile read of file 
(/home/david) contents failed -t
Monet [2431] Error: Failed to load file (nil) (nil)

but it didn't seem to stop anything working.

When synthesizing the message:

Monet [3537] NSNumberFormatter-getObjectValue:forString ... not fully 

appeared -- presumably explaining the failure to output numbers on the display 
properly (many appear as "NaN")

Some font "not found" messages are output .

PreMo seems to work just fine using openapp, but a curious fact: I can fire up 
"Synthesizer" by double-clicking the App icon but I cannot do that with "Monet" 
or "PreMo".

I am impressed by how much of the project is ported and working. I am keen to 
get things to a state, as soon as possible, where I feel comfortable with a 
first official release, even if it is alpha or beta. Help anyone? Comments 

Warm regards and thanks for any feedback.



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