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Re: EOKeyValueCoding

From: David Wetzel
Subject: Re: EOKeyValueCoding
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 16:51:47 +0100

Manuel wrote:

> I'd wanted to avoid to have KV implementations parts in too much libraries 
> (one
> part in base, some additions in GSWeb, some
> others in EOF,...). I thing it's better to have all additions related to base
> objects (NSObject, NSArray, NSDictionary) in
> one place (_with_ all the needed handlers to enable derived objects
> customization and minimize code+possible bugs in
> these customizations) and put specific (EOF, GNUstepWeb,... related) parts in
> there own libraries.

That sound very reasonable for me.

> I was thinking about GNUstep additions and MacOSX portage. May be it could be
> better to put all 'base' GNUstep additions in a separate library

In my view, KV-Coding belongs to base. Other GNU-Extensions should go into an 
extra framework. dirk at is currently porting GSWeb to MacOS X. 
He told me yesterday at the WOCOA meeting in berlin ( that he has 
created an xml framework to use the GSXML stuff on the apple.

At the moment, I do not care about using the GS xml on Apple hardware. But that 
may change. 

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