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Re: Re[2]: EOKeyValueCoding

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: Re[2]: EOKeyValueCoding
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 19:27:10 +0100

On Sonntag, Februar 24, 2002, at 06:38  Uhr, Manuel Guesdon wrote:
In Apple stuff, KVC are in EOF which is, AFAIK, only delivered as a part of WebObjects.

No. KVC is part of Apple Foundation for quite some time now. So no need to link GDL just for KVC ...

Putting KVC stuff in EOF force people to link with gdl2 just for KVC.

KVC belongs into Foundation now (like NSClassDescription and NSNull)

Putting KVC stuff in base means that people wanted to use gsweb and gdl2 with other foundations libraries can't (or need
to re-implement KVC)

This isn't an issue any more. We should place a KVC implementation in FoundationExt if we want to support deprecated OS's like OPENSTEP. Indeed because KVC is part of Foundation it's much easier now, since you don't need to maintain runtime specific code in GDL :-)

Putting KVC stuff in a distinct library (in which we could also put NSString GNUstep additions and so on) allow this.

We already have this library, FoundationExt/extensions, and with GNUstep back in 1998-something it was well maintained, because Ovidiu did port gstep-gui to several different Foundations. Personally I find it very unfortunate that the parts of GNUstep became so tightly coupled.

I think at FOSDEM we discussed the stuff shortly. If I understood Richard correct, he would like to create a stripped down gstep-base on other platforms, which IMHO is a nice idea. That is, if you have a library combo other than *-gnu-*, gstep-base is compiled without NSArray, NSString, etc, but only the GNUstep additions. You still link with gstep-base, but get no clashes with libFoundation, Foundation.framework or whatever :-)


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