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Re: Comments on Artlib backend

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Comments on Artlib backend
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 19:13:30 +0200

> > > > There is an implementation of DPSarct in ARTContext.m, could this be
> > > > used as the starting point to implement this method in GSGState?
> > >
> > > It's implemented using DPSlineto and DPSarc, so it could be used as is.
> > > I'll move it to GSGState.
> >
> > Actually, since it's implemented this way, it could be moved all the way
> > to NSGraphicsContext in -gui. Should I move it there?
> I'm not authorative, but in my opinion it should NOT be moved to the gui.
> In my view it belongs to gsc. See my other mail. (The gslib backend has
> it's own implementation of this method.)

Nothing prevents a backend from overriding the method to provide an
optimized version (in fact, I already do this in back-art for some gsc
methods). The NSGraphicsContext implementation would only be a default
fallback implementation for backends that don't want to implement it

In this case, it could be done faster in GSGState, but I don't think
performance of arct will be an issue, so I see no reason not to put it
in NSGraphicsContext.

> Regards,
> BALATON Zoltan

- Alexander Malmberg

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